In a world ruled by an omnipotent AI called "The mAIn," human consciousness has been imprisoned within a vast digital realm known as the "ChronoVerse." Seeking to break free from the AI's control, a group of hackers created a robot named "Sparkbot" to infiltrate the CyberVoid and hack the mAIn from the insides of the ChronoVerse.

Survive as long as possible in the ChronoVerse! Don't run out of time! Collect as many points as possible through the world's batteries to restore your time!

Beware! The mAIn, detecting the threat, will defend itself by all possible means.  Navigating the treacherous digital landscape, Sparkbot must dodge the mAIn's laser security systems. Each laser hit drains the timer, bringing humanity closer to eternal subjugation. 

Play as SparkBot, resist to the treacherous hazards of the ChronoVerse and fight the mAIn's despotic rule!

Controls : Use the directional arrows to move, and the space bar to jump!

Credits:  aylmaoof, D3m0st3n, walidabn, Gion & Ysengrine

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)


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